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When your medical doctor analyzes your labs, he/she is most often using conventional laboratory ranges that are designed to identify disease states and pathology. People who fall within the reference range are assumed to have no clinical signs and symptoms of any disease and are considered “normal”.

The following “Optimal” reference ranges give us data on how the physiology of your body is functioning. By looking for optimum function instead of just focusing on disease, we increase our ability to detect the dysfunctions that plague you long before disease manifests. This type of analysis allows us to be more prognostic and preventative, as well as pathology oriented.

Instructions: For many labs that are out of range, you should be getting your labs drawn every three months. Not all labs need to be repeated, only those that are outside of the “Optimal Reference Ranges”. Enter the date of the lab collection at the top of the column and then enter the lab values in the appropriate field. If the number is outside of the range put an “H” for high or “L” for low next to the value. If you have any values that are out of range, you may want to schedule an individual consultation with Dr. Fong optimize your organ system function.