Phase 1: Education Modules

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Optimize Nutrition

Cleanbody Nutrition

Cleanbody Nutrition

Cleanbody Nutrition Plan – Level 1

Cleanbody Nutrition Plan – Level 2

Cleanbody Nutrition Plan – Level 3

Cleanbody Nutrition Plan – Level 4

Portion Sizes & Your Circadian Rhythm

Intermittent Fasting & the Cleanbody Drink/Smoothie

Soaking and Sprouting

Beyond Phase 1 Nutrition – The Phase 2 Modifications

Shopping Guidelines

Cleanbody Meal Planning

Dairy-Free Guidelines

Gluten-Free Guidelines

Egg-Free Guidelines

Cleanbody Meal Plans & Recipes

Cleanbody Sample Meal Plans & Recipes

Recipe Videos

Zucchini Pizza Boat

Coconut Apple Crisp

Lime Ginger Chicken

Ensalada Gazpacho

Vegan Palak Paneer

Pina Verde Recipe

Follow a Regimen

The Magic Morning

Sweating is Key

Sun Salutation (5-10 Minutes)

My Magic Morning Exercise Routine

Journaling: Brain Dump & Dream Analysis (5-15 minutes, Fill the Page)

Daily Bowel Movements & Water Intake

Dry Brushing

Hot/Cold Contrast Showers

The Cleanbody Drink & Smoothie

Daily Sunlight

Daily Gratitude

Good Dental Hygiene and Oil Pulling

Get a Good Night’s Rest

Follow a Regimen Worksheet

Keep It Clean

Keep it Clean Overview

Keep it Clean – Part 1

Keep it Clean – Part 2

Toxins Chart

Dr. Fong’s Product Recommendations

Toxic Foods



Artificial Sweeteners


Canned Foods

Conventional, Non-Organic Foods


Excess fat, especially trans fats

Farmed Fish

Fast Food

Fish High in Mercury (Tuna, etc.)

Gluten (Wheat, Barely, Rye)

GMO Foods (Corn, Soy, Etc.)

Luncheon Meats

MSG and Glutamate

Packaged Foods

Red Meat

Refined Carbohydrates, including White Rice

Sodas and Diet Sodas

Soy Protein Isolates

Sugar and All It’s Relatives


Farmed Fish

Mold Exposure

Raw Fish (Sushi/Poke)

Root Canals

Environmental Toxins

Air Fresheners 

Indoor Air Pollution

Chemical-Based Cleaning Supplies 

Chemical-Based Cosmetics & Personal Care Products

Chemical-Based Laundry Supplies

Foam Furniture 

Non-Stick Cookware


Personal Care Products with Fragrances

Pesticides and Insecticides in Your Garden

Plastic Containers

Unfiltered Tap Water

Vinyl Shower Curtains

Wooden Decks, Playgrounds, or Picnic Tables Made Before 2005

Heavy Metals













Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)

EMF Overview

High Home or Office EMF Exposure (Wifi, Computers, Cell Phone, Smart Meter)

Radiation Exposure

Wear Bluetooth Devices (Apple Watch, Fit Bit, etc.)

Ingested Toxins

Cannabis (Smoke, Vape, or Edible)

Fluoride Toothpaste

Prescription or Over-the-Counter Medications

Tobacco (Cigarettes, Cigars, Pipes, or Vapes)

Be Calm, Be Happy

Decreasing Stress and Getting Out of Survival Mode

Emotional Baggage & Emotional Release Therapy

Emotional Freedom Technique

Positive Placebo Meditations

Dr. Fong’s Positive Placebo Meditation

Dr. Fong’s Coaching Call Meditations

Vision Board

Move Your Body

Develop An Exercise Plan

Move Your Body Worksheet